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Charm 2019 pillow

Brand: texni & kosmima
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Charm 2019

Pillow decorated with gold plated or silver-plated elements, ceramic beads and satin cord.

The tassel (badge symbol) is of silk thread.


It's an object made like amulet, but in order to attract fortune, good health, economic prosperity.

The attraction of fortune is a habit of people of all time.

They used and still use multiple ways to win their favor.

Charm means good omen, the "magical" object that can bring luck. At the threshold of every new year, for example, people want to attract it by buying and offering "charms".

Especially the Christmas and New Year's days are full of doctrines to attract good fortune.

Some of the charms that have prevailed to be considered as excusing evil and attracting good luck are pomegranate, house, key, flint of the basilpit, the hazel in the form of a tassel, the blue beads ... for the evil eye.

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