Friday, March 27, 2020

Why Us;

Made with love

Quality of materials

Reasonable prices

Great variety in designs

When silver, gold, bronze and copper become art then YES is born a jewel, tied with precious and semi-precious stones.Thus were born the new series of perfumes of the house art & jewelry

The "art & jewelery" house combined the inexhaustible imagination of designer Anastasia and the desire of his actors, invading dynamically in the area of handmade jewelery.

Nowadays, the house adorns selected stores all over Greece and abroad, while our designs cover the most demanding tastes.

It all started in the summer of 1997 in the home town of Anastasia, Lesvos, collecting shells and unique stones from some of the island's beaches ... and ART & JEWERLY were born.

The inexhaustible imagination of designer Anastasia, as well as the dedication of his actors, established him in the first places of handmade jewelery.

Our jewelery is available in selected stores all over Greece and selected artists and handmade jewelery venues in America, Europe and Australia.