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Long pattern of mineral stones (Jasper or Tourmaline)

Long motif with mineral stones Jasper or Tourmaline, crafted with silver 925


Silver (925th) ring with astrophyllite

Silver (925th) ring with unique astrophyllite mineral stone and opening calf


Silver (925) ring with lapis lazuli (Φ-3.7cm.)

Silver (925) ring with lapis lazuli, diameter 3.7cm. and opening calf


Silver ring with BUMBLE BEE Jasper

925 silver ring with BUMBLE BEE jasper mineral stone and opening calf


Silver ring with rare stone (turquoise with copper)

Silver ring with a rare mineral stone (turquoise with copper) and opening calf.


Hematite triple row necklace (tagye)

Necklace with a triple row of hematite (tagye), tied with a steel chain


Long leather necklace with mother of pearl element

Long leather necklace with mother of pearl element and adjustable


Necklace with round agate stone

Necklace with a round agate stone in wonderful colors, tied with steel


Long necklace with mineral stone and leather cord

Long necklace with mineral stone, leather cord and adjustable


Earring with coral - red chili peper

Earring with coral - red chili peper in two designs and silver 925


Earring with rose quartz in unique options

Rose quartz beaded earring in unique design options and 925 silver


Earring in the shape of a flower made of minerals

Earring in the shape of a flower made of mineral rocks and silver 925


White or red coral bead

beads with a polygonal stone of white or red coral and gold-plated elements


Black Coral beads (Single Row)

beads with black coral, a series of agates and 925 silver


beads with black coral, agate and hematite

beads with black coral, agate, hematite and 925 silver